Elements in Harmony III


Fun Scope � 4 degree True Field of View


Elements in Harmony III is the red finder on EiH II.

Elements in Harmony II and III.jpg


Elements in Harmony III was designed in Excel to scale. This made it very easy to get the baffles placed properly and visualize the incoming light angle of a true 4 degree fov. The cell was created using PLOP.

Elements in Harmony III Design.jpg


The Veil Nebula view below best represents what we saw during OSP II using Elements in Harmony III using an OIII filter viewing from Overgaard.

Veil view photo credit Koen van Gorp.jpg

Photo credit: Koen van Gorp. The image has been altered to match the view in EiH III. To see the original go to: http://www.koenvangorp.be/deepsky/nebulae.html#ngc6992_2

Ron, John, and Gary were blown away when the entire Veil Nebula was visible in the 6"f3.5 with an OIII filter.