Elements in Harmony IV


If it’s up there…, it’s in here…

April, 2006 - May, 2007

The Design....

36.125 inch diameter, (0.92 Meter).

Focal Ratio 4.51.

Use of Paracorr makes Focal Ratio 5.175.

163.1 inch focal length.

4142.74 mm focal length.

Aperture in square inches is 1,017.

Diameter of 100% illuminated field is 1 inch.

Minor axis of secondary is 6 inches.

Central obstruction is 16.7%.

Light Gathering v. Human eye 20,736x.

36" Elements in Harmony IV was also designed in Excel to scale. Almost all parts were represented so conflicts could be resolved. The cell was designed using PLOP. The goal of this project, which I think was met, was that it is one-person portable. With mechanical advantage where needed with a push of a button, this scope can be disassembled/moved/assembled with one person.

Scope Design.jpg


Magnification v. Exit Pupil....

Magnification v. Exit Pupil.....jpg


Why 36"?....

Why 36 inch.jpg