Some rules:

1. No Smoking anywhere except at the picnic table using the Smokey the Bear can for the butts and ashes.

2. No open fires/flames anywhere. The only fire/flames are where cooking is done; on the LP gas grill and camp stove - only.

3. Stay on the paths at all times as Cytoplasts (crypto-biotic soil) inhabit the area, keeping an eye out for the occasional cactus as we are at an elevated desert location.

4. No green lasers allowed. Red collimation lasers are fine, (cheshire's are better).

5. We do border the National Forest and it is inhabited by packs of Wolves, and, as mentioned before, I would have said you are more likely to encounter Mountain Lion (Cougar) and Coyote and even these will be rare, but we found Wolf track and scat just 100 yards inside the NF not too long ago. Please be aware at all times while observing (yes, I'll have my .45 on my hip at all times).

6. If you will be bringing a weapon then absolutely let me know you'll be carrying.

7. Let's make it a fun and safe observing run. Take nothing but pictures and memories, leave nothing but footprints.